Re: A new page for the 2nd most famous extropian

From: Michael Lorrey (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 07:22:13 MST

Most references to me are search engine links to the extropians list
archives or one of the other mailing lists I'm on. Most of my old
website no longer shows up on the search engines (its been offline for a
couple years now, and the new one will be ready "real soon now".)

Spike Jones wrote:
> > "Robert J. Bradbury" wrote: But it
> > would appear that from Google's point of view:
> > Anders > Keith > Max > Damien >> yours truly or Greg
> >
> > Some names, e.g. Spike's and Michael's show up a *lot* which
> > I assume is due to the probability that they wear multiple hats
> > around the world.
> Not so. Spike shows up on the list in reference to that
> very extropian Broderick book by that title. spike Jones
> is referenced only for having written a bunch of extropian
> light-bulb-changing jokes, most of which were done in one
> of those occasional brain-barfs. Unfortunately the humor
> content does not hold up well out of context. {8-[ spike
> {8^D

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