Re: How To Live In A Simulation

Date: Sun Mar 18 2001 - 23:35:40 MST

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>> If it's not there, something is still going around redacting everything
>> to look like it is. That also requires a staggering amount of work,
>No, that's not right. It would suffice if there was something that is just
>making you think you see what you see. Given what little we know about(such
>figments of our non-existing imagination as) aphasias and ataxias, tweaking
>representational systems will be negligable work for an SI. Whether you
>see a flock of wild geese, or pink furred Dumbos, it's a diff of a few bits,
>if you happen to live in fakeland.

Nope; if pink furred Dumbos were flying about we'd know something was wrong.
So the atmosphere or gravity would have to be different for them to fly.
Then biochemistry would have to change to deal with the atmosphere. Then
evolution would have to have gone differently. Then you have the cosmological
consequences for planetary formation - no, it's a lots of work to put in pink
furred Dumbos.

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