Re: Merciful Retroactive Abortions, was something equally silly

From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Sun Mar 18 2001 - 21:02:52 MST

> > You assume that misery will occur. Why? Surely beings smart enough to
> > self-evolve can figure out how to avoid misery, as another list member
> > already indicated.
> You can avoid misery if you disconnect key pathways involving in the
> determination that "this life sucks". Now that would be an interesting
> simulation where the sim-director receives the feedback that the
> feels the sim sucks, but the sumulant doesn't feel it at all.

Pardon, perhaps I didn't form the question properly: Why do you assume
that misery will occur in SI? Beings smart enough to self-evolve can
surely figure out how to avoid misery, and so would not require the
surgery you mention.
One possible way SI can accomplish this avoidance is via suicide. That
would explain the Fermi paradox by asserting that pre-SI decides (by
purely reasonable and logical procedures) to end its trajectory before it
becomes any more unhappy. It always does this. That's the eternally
recurring life cycle. This scenario contains more verisimilitude than any
simulation theory, AFAIC.


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