Re: Volunteers search extropian archives for bad predictions?

Date: Sun Mar 18 2001 - 13:15:17 MST

[Just now getting around to this one:]

Randy Smith wrote:

> On this list, now and in the past, it seems like there are always a
> lot of predictions and reports about when such and such geewhiz
> science-tech will be available,Ya know, I would really like to see
> all the failed predictions about when such and such would happen. This
> list started in the mid-90s, correct? I am sure there are plenty of
> targets for this sort of operation.I actually tried this once but it
> turned out that the search facility for the archives was not up to the
> task. It took too long. Any volunteers?

Three years ago I put together some of my own predictions for the period
2000-2015, with comments from the list:

Interestingly, we saw an example of getting something on that list right
recently with a post by Jeff Albright of this link:

It looks like the area in which I was most wrong was space technology (being
characteristically over-optimistic), while I was a little too conservative on
the computer technology front. The medical and biotech stuff was spot-on.
Interesting to go back and check this periodically.

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