Re: Dave & qmail, was Re: A new page for the 2nd most famous extropian

Date: Sun Mar 18 2001 - 11:15:45 MST

James Rogers wrote:
> Not only can you replace sendmail (which I also loathe) with qmail, but it
> is highly recommended. Many of the largest mail servers on the 'net use

I've also heard good things said about postfix. I've ran into difficulties
when configuring it for a dialup machine, but then I'm just an egg.

> qmail; you don't really lose any functionality with it that I can tell and
> it is definitely robust. I am almost positive that the standard spam
> functionality is included in qmail, since it is the "other" big backbone
> mail relay. In my experience, qmail is slowly but surely encroaching on
> the mindshare space that used to belong to sendmail and for good reason; I
> know companies that have migrated from sendmail to qmail but never the
> other way around.

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