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Those Google references refer to my writings and pages, the
most widely known are my wavelets pages.

Wavelets are mostly a 'hobby' (although I find uses for them in my
work, and I wrote code and have earned some tiny money via wavelets).
I'm _not_ a wavelets researcher, nor a wavelets expert. I just
think that wavelets are neat.

I wrote a paper to IEEE 6 years ago that was the result of teaching
myself the "big picture" about wavelets. Most references about
wavelets at that time were very mathematical and hard to follow.

>From that 1995 paper, I made an HTML version and a postscript
version to download. At about the same time, I made a wavelets web
page (now expanded to three) that were my bookmarks from that
effort. One can consider all of that information: "Wavelets for
Beginners", because that's what I was, and I still think I am.

Apparently I filled a niche of 'wavelets for beginners' information.
Since that time, about 100,000 people have downloaded my my wavelets
postscript paper, and about 3000 people a day visit my wavelets pages.

If you or anyone you know needs an intro wavelets seminar, let me know.
It's fun for me. The most fun I had was teaching wavelets in an all day
seminar to Alan Kay and Ted Kaehler and their Squeak group in July 1997.
Alan is one of the smartest people I've ever met, a funny guy, and he
has wonderful stories. I have put on this seminar enough times that's
it's easy for me, and doesn't require much effort. I don't do it very
often, but I have a good set of lecture notes.

So did we bet, and did I win the bet ??!!

If so, then you can substitute something else for the bottle of
Pfalz wine. Things I can't get here like: Ziplock bags, Jif peanut
butter, a good Sunday big city American newspaper are each a good
substitute !! (I'm mostly joking with this bet stuff, however
I do think it's funny that you thought there was another me).


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