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Date: Sat Mar 17 2001 - 22:43:20 MST

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<< I have some other concerns about Tipler's model, but what you mention
 was my primary concern. We face a Dysonian end-game, not a Tiplerian
 one, and our successors will face distinctly limited resources. >>

Maybe I am making your point for you, but if we do not come up with better
physics and technology, then its over. If you or any of the Extropians alive
now fail to get uploaded, or somehow can be culled as memories from nitrogen
freezing, then its really the big goodbye, not only for us but any
intelligence that comes after us. As for Dyson, I believe that Edward Witten
disagrees with the sustainability of the Dyson Scenario.

<<First, they aren't going to have resources to do what we're in. Second,
they'll never really know what we were due to complexity, uncertainty,
and the veil of relativity (they can never see any photon we emit and
so can't back-calculate its consequences)>>

In Forever, For All, by Computer Scientist and Alcor employee, R. Michael
Perry, holds that a kind or reverse determinism applies, in regards to
photons, utlizing phase conservation. Is this workable? Will we need such
theoretical structures such as transverable wormholes or other creations or
discoveries to recreate past personalities? I wouldn't be surprised. Even
quantum physics seemed magic to Einstein and Bohr, at first.

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