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From: Anders Sandberg (
Date: Sat Mar 17 2001 - 11:52:16 MST writes:

> I doubt that our Anders is also the professional hockey player shown
> at
> or is the L. Anders Sandberg who is the author of the book
> "Sustainability, The Challenge" at
>, or is
> the president of the Stokholm Rotary Club,
> (Or maybe he is!)

No, they are all my evil twins. :-)

> I think most of the hits are for the "real" Anders but a certain
> percentage are for imposters. Likewise for other people, depending
> on how common their name is, as with me and that baseball player.

In my case, my name is rather common in Sweden (we have three people
named Anders in my research group - a group consisting of around 12
people!). Sandberg is less common, but not uncommon. I like it, it has
a somewhat nano/chip sound to it. Of course, my family was named
plåtberg around a hundred years ago, meaning literally "metal
mountain". Obviously they understood that the industrial era was
ending and changed :-)

It all goes to show that we need to start the usage of extra
self-selected or given names to distinguish ourselves. Or maybe we
should make things simpler and just append our website URLs to our

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