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Date: Sat Mar 17 2001 - 13:49:10 MST
CNN 3/17/01 - 2:14 PM... very lightweight and we've put a power pc and
we've wired it up to some batteries, and a wireless networking card which
is in my back, you can't even see it. >> Glasses with a tiny display built
in, complete the high-tech ensemble. >> Ray kurzweil, who received the
U.S. National medal of technology in 1999 has an even grander vision of
the future. >> As dramatized in hollywood's "the matrix," kurzweil
believes we will eventually spend most of our time living in virtual
reality >> there's not going to be a clear distinction between human and
machine intelligence 30, 40 years from now. >> It'll be routine, if you
talk to a biological person, that they will have powerful non-biological
thinking processes inside their brains working intimately with their
biological thinking processes. >> It's a notion that raises few eyebrows
at the association for computing machinery whose members are accustomed to
embracing the unforeseen....
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[Holy sheep dip! Hope those non-biological thinking processes get here
soon, 'cuz I keep forgetting to take my memory enhancement pills.]

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