Re: Sharing Models, was: Intestinal Fortitude

From: Emlyn (
Date: Sat Mar 17 2001 - 03:20:58 MST

> Better yet, we dont need to wait until E5, and furthermore
> many valuable contributors may not be able to attend that
> meeting. So lets start it now, by answering these questions:
> 1) What open source language do we use?
> 2) How is this software package to be accessed?
> 3) What architecture?
> 4) Are there existing open source components that
> we could incorporate?
> 5) Are we looking a simulation of some sort?
> 6) What kind of user interface? Graphic? etc.
> spike

Does this thing need to be massively customisable, ala Excel, Matlab, or
could you evisage it as an app which allows one to set a bunch of
parameters, press a button, and numbers/graphs/other lovely stuff comes
pouring out.

If the latter, why not code it up as a web page in
server-side-scripting-language X? Maybe Java would do the job?

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