Re: Why just simulation?

From: Robin Hanson (
Date: Fri Mar 16 2001 - 09:01:15 MST

Mark Walker wrote:
>... So, if posthumans decide to create us they could exercise two options.
>The energy option, to the best of our knowledge, would be best realized by
>running computer simulations of humans. The matter option might be
>realized by populating the universe with a number of human colonies. ...
>the matter option is less energy efficient ... (The answer to the Fermi
>paradox is that you get removed from the nursery once you reach a certain
>level of sophistication). ...

This scenario requires at least this element of simulation: there
must be a big "screen" around Earth or the solar system which
shows what a universe would look like if it were not full of
posthumans disassembling stars, etc. on a vast scale. Doing that
well seems even harder than just running a simulation.

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