Re: Sharing Models, was: Intestinal Fortitude

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Thu Mar 15 2001 - 22:54:58 MST

Michael Lorrey wrote:

> I'm playing with Spike's spreadsheet now, and I can make a
> Visual Basic interface for it, which I'm sure can be served up via a
> java interface somehow. I just need some help from Spike on explaining
> what the heck he was thinking with everything....

This is forthcoming. I designed the thing in a hurry and never
wrote up a read-me file. I wanna make it more general purpose.
Its busy right now at the rocket ranch, but dont give up on me.
{8-] spike

PS hey, heres a thing for you rocket fans to be thinking about,
an idea I had today. A lot of us whine about the space shuttle,
how expensive it is, etc, but look at it this way. Suppose you
are a rocket designer and you are given the same set of requirements
the shuttle designers were given in 1965. To orbit with 30 tons,
18.5 meters by 4.8 cylindrical, *return to earth with 10 tons*
and land with dignity. What would it look like? spike

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