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Date: Thu Mar 15 2001 - 16:12:21 MST

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> An artificial seed would replay all this on a day/month scale, and then
> move on to something really interesting.

Right. That's what I meant by "awakening of intelligence" in previous

> There are no secret projects. You can't hide something that big. Plus,
> where's the motivation?

I heard something about the US Navy's Human Brain Project a few years ago.
Wonder how far they've gotten with it. If secret projects exist, we might
still conclude that there are none, if they really are secret. Maybe "we"
can't hide something that big, but maybe an AI could. The motive for doing
secret research would be military superiority. The motive for keeping it
secret would be to maintain that superiority. An AI which oversees the
CIA's Carnivore espionage software would be useful.

> Words for the wise.

It's hard to be humble when you're fantasizing that humans are in control.
Actually, I don't believe humans are now, or ever have been in control of
evolution. So, the emergence of AI won't change much in that respect.


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