Re: How To Live In A Simulation

Date: Thu Mar 15 2001 - 15:30:34 MST

Simo Kilponen wrote:
> If we were to live in a world simulated in a sense of a computer
> simulation, the detail of the sim would need to be limited and

This assumes that the physical reality you know is identical to
those housing the machine simulating you (for the sake of argument
assuming there is such a thing). While possible, it is
not at all obvious. For instance, non-local interactions only appear
weird for a certain prejudiced understanding of locality. You're
biased, since you're using your common sense which has been patterned
by the environment you inhabit.

> we would notice it somehow then. Perhaps a new way to explain uncertainity
> principle ? ;-)
> But what about baby/overlapping universes? Could the word 'simulation'
> be applied also to these? And would the other universes need to be


> limited in detail as well?

Multiverse's hypothetical spawned off universes are full-class citizens.

I think you'll get a kick from , once it
hits the bookshops near you, that is. It's been coming a looong time.
If it can cash in on the amount of hype it will be 24 ct Nobel prize material.

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