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From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Thu Mar 15 2001 - 13:33:18 MST

> advanced civilizations don't want to expand their size scales
> they want to shrink them. Moravec's muon-onium or Ander's
> Neutronium are the way to go (if they can be done without
> magic physics).
> Robert

This seems to me one of the most valuable observations concerning the
evolutionary phase transition. Indeed, the advantages of thinking small in
regard to building more powerful computers ring truer the closer Silicon
Valley gets to this summer's power shortages. Commentators too often fail
to include in their vision of explosive intelligence amplification the
insinuation of information into sub-atomic scales and hyperspace
dimensions. With quantum computing (using quarks as switches or as
neurons, whatever), a storage device containing all the information on the
Web would measure how many cubic nanometers? No matter how small we
imagine units of space can get, they can always get smaller. NT is just
the beginning of the universe of the infinitesimal.

A possible solution to the Fermi paradox presents itself when we consider
the advantages of migration to the super-small instead of Jupiter brains.


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--J. R.

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