Re: just a warning

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Tue Mar 13 2001 - 23:56:38 MST

> > The earthquake was just a warning.
> Loree Thomas wrote: Ha! We laugh at your warning... Haha!

Ha! We laugh at your laughter! Haha! Haaaahahahahahahaaaa!

> > sell us your power, give us back our
> > sunshine, take back your rain, and we'll take back
> > our earthquakes.
> We will keep our power and your
> sunshine until you stop exporting your human overflow
> to our fair climes. The People of Washington.

Ha! What about *your* human overflow, that keeps oozing
into *our* fair climes, eh? Those seething, wretched masses
from Washington, yearning to pay higher taxes and choke
the highways, that writhing wretched wriggly gooo in the dirt,
those sniveling slithering slinking sneering salivating surging
hordes, what about all them?

I should know, Im one of em, as is my wife, as are many of
my closest friends. Why did we come here? Heeeelllllll if
I know. {8^D spike

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