Re: Hackers become terrorists under new law

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Date: Mon Mar 12 2001 - 16:12:27 MST

The Brits are gay! The Brits prefer peeping on each other.

Notice that our country is not their monarchal colony, and that the
United Kingdom is not four states. Good thing us and the Russians saved
Europe in World War II, although Russia itself was bad, for a while.

Did you hear about that firecracker school in China?

Michael Lorrey wrote:

> Monday February 19, 04:49 PM
> Hackers become terrorists under new law
> By Will Knight
> Computer hackers could be classed as terrorists under a UK law that
> came into force today.
> The Terrorism Act 2000 is designed to prevent dissident political
> groups from using the UK as a base for terrorism and recognises a new
> threat from cyberterrorists for the first time.
> But the Act also significantly widens the definition of terrorism to
> include those actions that "seriously interfere with or seriously
> disrupt an electronic system". According to the Act this only applies
> to actions "designed to influence the government or to intimidate the
> public", but it will be up to police investigators to decide when
> this is the case. The Act gives police the power to detain suspects
> for 48-hours without a warrant.

All their hackers are government people.

Everyone has hear dof the distinction between hackers and crackers. A
cracker is a hacker that uses hacking to commit a crime, basically.
Hackers have varying definitions of crime, but they're good.

So, I think the government better stop giving itself so much rope.


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