Re: CLONING: "Human Being, or Human Folly?"

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Sun Mar 11 2001 - 19:38:41 MST

>"The genie is out of the bottle," Zavos said. "We need to make sure
>it is bottled and disseminated responsibly."

Surely a mistranslation. What Zavos really said was:

"The genome is out of the bottle," Zavos said. "We need to make sure it is
bottle-fed and inseminated responsibly."

(Funny how the Italians are carefully making it a matter of `infertile men'
with dud semen being able to clone their male offspring. Good memetics,
alas, in a buoyantly patriarchal culture. Nobody mentions that Dolly was a
grrrl sheep.)

The other night I saw loony toons Rael on the Aussie version of *60
Minutes*, with his cloning team biochem prof representative, and found him
surprisingly charming and sensible. `But isn't this... *playing GOD*...?'
asked the accusatory interviewer at the end. `There is no God,'
forthrightly noted the UFO abductee with the topknot, in his delightful
French accent. `It is playing intelligent human beings.' He also pointed
out some of the usual absurdities. `They tell us that it is a vile sin
against human dignity to create these *exact carbon copies* of other
humans,' he said wryly (I paraphrase from memory), `and at the same time
they say that it can never work because clones are no more perfectly
identical than twins are. Yes! And what's wrong with twins?' Go, Rael!


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