Re: transrodent conspiracy

From: scerir (
Date: Sun Mar 11 2001 - 15:59:35 MST

> Alejandro wrote:

> - Biological viruses has 3 basic functions: to find a host, to alter its
> information status, to replicate itself. Virus programs are the same. When we
> will have an interfase with them?

I do not know, but Damjan Bojadziev gave a
_general_ abstract representation of viruses.
Viruses are everywhere.

> If genes are fewer, it means greater body codification by each one. It makes
> difficult to predict how this complex network of interactions will react.
> Hazard has lead evolution, how we will stop it?

Proteins, aminoacids are few. Prof. Boncinelli
(at Istituto San Raffaele, Milan) who discovered
those 'mirror neurons', suggested that the fewer
are the proteins, the faster (and risky) is the
evolution (i.e. of the brain).

- s.

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