Re: Eurisko and Paranoia TV

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Mar 11 2001 - 10:57:58 MST

Jim Fehlinger wrote:

> Eliezer says about the "Great Holy Book" (_Godel, Escher, Bach_) ... ....the
> title immediately put me off. The suggestion "I'm a wunderkind mathematician
> and computer scientist,

He is.

> but I know all about art too,

He does.

> and I'm going to show you how the former
> illuminates the latter while dazzling you with my erudition"

He will.

> simultaneously filled me with jealousy that the author might actually
> be that smart,

He really is.

> fear that he might not be able to carry it off,

He does.

> and anticipation of possibly being bored stiff watching him try.

You wont.

> For some reason, the barrier has persisted to this day,

Tear down that barrier.

> My friend Joe Fineman used to have a color
> picture of the young Hofstadter ...which I
> can still see in my *mind's eye.*

Excellent choice of words.

> I haven't read the Drexler book, either.
> I'm a fake, a total fraud!! ;-> Jim F.

So get real. There is time. You can still be saved,
if you repent now, and spend time with these revered
holy books. Get Broderick's The Spike and Ed Regis'
Nano while you are in a mood to tear open your mind
to the stunning wonders all around us. spike

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