Re: World's first cloned baby could be born in Israel

From: scerir (
Date: Sun Mar 11 2001 - 08:47:52 MST

> Damien Broderick wrote
> Aw shit - this will *so* feed into some lunatic Rapture mind disease about
> the godless unnatural Antichrist being hatched in Israel at the turn of the
> millennium...

Adam Friedman (genetist) and Mira Hibner (lawyer) said, in
Israel, that human cloning is forbidden, down there, absolutely.

Avi Ben Abraham (friend of Severino Antinori) is, possibly,
a crackpot. I.e. he said that he refused to make living copies
of Saddam Hussein. (Well... that's not completely stupid ...).

The Nobel laureate Renato Dulbecco said (flaming)
that Severino Antinori is not serious at all. Dulbecco
said also that the cloned Dolly got life after 267 (!) trials,
and nobody knows, exactly, what happened in those trials.

- s.

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