Re: ENTROPIAN ALERT! Another warning for us to organize

From: Adrian Tymes (
Date: Sun Mar 11 2001 - 00:12:32 MST

Zero Powers wrote:
> >From:
> >We do not want to be or be labeled as
> >uncritical cheerleaders of technology for its own sake, but rather as
> >proponents of a coherent and defensible set of values that improve the
> >quality of life.
> I cannot tell a lie. Feel free to label me an uncritical cheerleader of
> technology for its own sake. I have an ubridled fetish for efficiency. If
> it can be done faster, better, cheaper, I say let's have at it. That
> doesn't necessarily mean however I'm in favor of all *uses* of efficient
> technology. Hitler after all was the most efficient genocidist in history.
> But as for the tech itself, I say bring it on no holds barred.

Well, if you want a rationalization: it seems very likely that, if
anyone gets better tech in any area we care about, we will get access
to it soon thereafter - if we weren't actually the ones to develop it.
Therefore, development of tech in general is of substantial direct
benefit to us, with little need for case-by-case justification of the
uses of each technology. (There are certain exceptions, but they tend
to be very obvious. For instance, developing a highly contagious
strain of some virus designed to wipe out, or at least severely
depopulate, all mammalian life on Earth, is not something we'd support
even though we do support genetic engineering in general.)

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