Re: >H "NASA Ends Project Intended to Replace Shuttle"

From: Doug Jones (
Date: Sat Mar 10 2001 - 18:27:20 MST

Greg Burch wrote:
> On March 5, 2001, KPJ wrote:
> >I wonder why humans who wish to have space travel do not pool the money
> >and expertise into a totally private enterprise. Various countries near
> >the planet's equator would probably welcome a fresh source of income in
> >exchange for total privacy and control over some forsaken part of the
> >country. In short, the need for a Jon Wilde and a Space Movement.
> >
> >Any takers?
> Say we need $50 billion and you can expect each enthusiast on average to
> donaate $1,000 to the project. Looks like you need to get 50,000,000 people
> to agree on how to spend the money.
> Seems like money would be better spent in the near term on getting the cost
> down by a two or three orders of magnitude. Am I starting to sound like
> a one-note Johnny here?

Hey, we're working on it. The fact that most of what I'm doing is
proprietary and I can't talk about it is a good sign, no? I want to go,
*myself*, and not in some vicarious or VR mode.

Doug Jones, Rocket Engineer
XCOR Aerospace

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