Re: META: Take the guns discussion elsewhere please

From: Mikael Johansson (
Date: Sat Mar 10 2001 - 17:04:59 MST

> >If my request is ignored, I will consider (with fair warning) taking more
> >serious action. It will be applied to people on *every* side of these
> >
> That's all I have wanted all along; an end to the forced mutation of this
list from a
> truly extropian interchange venue to a progun propaganda site. From now
on, I will
> simply forward such propaganda, if and/or when it occurs, directly to you
> appropriate action. And I have no problem with responsible, sane,
noncriminal and
> competent adults such as yourself buying, owning and possessing guns, as I

Uh.... I dunno... Maybe it's just me, but doesn't Max read this list as
well? Do you _really_ need to forward 'such propaganda' to him -- in
addition to what's already sent on the list (and thus arrives to him to
begin with)?

// Mikael Johansson

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