Tech: More Delays for Ultrawideband

From: Jef Allbright (
Date: Sat Mar 10 2001 - 14:15:22 MST

Sorry to see this delay in official approval for ultrawideband, a technology
that may play a role in connecting us and our personal area networks with
just about any device that could benefit from low cost, low power, typically
short range communication.

- Jef

Proponents of ultrawideband, a new technology for wireless transmissions,
face a longer wait for government approval after the Department of Commerce
on Friday revealed that it will need an additional three months to finish
critical interference tests.
The Federal Communications Commission is deciding whether to allow
widespread use of ultrawideband devices, which can transmit huge amounts of
data over the air using just a fraction of the power required by cell phones
or current wireless networking systems. The technology also can be used in
precision tracking devices and for X-ray-like radar that can peer through
But the low-power signals emitted by ultrawideband devices operate over a
wide swath of frequencies, including many already being used by existing
broadcast, radar and wireless communications systems. The Commerce
Department's National Telecommunications and Information Administration was
tapped to conduct tests to determine whether ultrawideband devices would
interfere with existing critical systems like airport radar and global
positioning satellite receivers.

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