Re: >H "NASA Ends Project Intended to Replace Shuttle"

From: Greg Burch (
Date: Sat Mar 10 2001 - 08:17:24 MST

On March 5, 2001, KPJ wrote:

>I wonder why humans who wish to have space travel do not pool the money
>and expertise into a totally private enterprise. Various countries near
>the planet's equator would probably welcome a fresh source of income in
>exchange for total privacy and control over some forsaken part of the
>country. In short, the need for a Jon Wilde and a Space Movement.
>Any takers?

Say we need $50 billion and you can expect each enthusiast on average to
donaate $1,000 to the project. Looks like you need to get 50,000,000 people
to agree on how to spend the money.

Seems like money would be better spent in the near term on getting the cost
down by a two or three orders of magnitude. Am I starting to sound like
a one-note Johnny here?

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