Re: U.S. Sued Over Stem Cell Research

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 23:53:09 MST

> Max More wrote:
> >>Nightlight Christian Adoptions arranges for infertile couples to >>``adopt''
> embryos left over from other couples' fertility treatments.
> [Damien Broderick has] long imagined an order of Catholic nuns, virgin
> mothers every one, dedicated to the ceaseless task of host-mothering the hapless
> foetuses so cruelly abandoned by their sinful parents...

The same dewar that holds the corpsicles at Alcor seems like
the ideal place to store the hapless foetuses Damien refers to.
Perhaps having innocent embryos stored alongside the cryonauts
would make Alcor a less likely target of deranged luddites and
"two legs=bad" greens. Both groups may want to see the cryonauts
destroyed, but are unwilling to go up against the awesome power
of superstition. spike

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