Re: Propulsion and rot, was Re: Orbit calculations

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 07:58:57 MST

As far as the orrery goes, maybe John Walker could be persuaded to
release his source coed for Home Planet.

As for the rest: well, Falcon 4.0 is perhaps instructive. It shipped
with lots of bugs, and the passionate effort of manic aficionados
provided patches and workarounds.

I think that for practical playability you'd need to have "cold
sleep"/timelapse for the planetary missions. :)

But yeah, even a hardcore sim like Falcon--high (more realistic)
workload, etc.--is a bang bang game, and one of the most decried things
about it is that you don't get to plan campaigns, just fly a boatload of
sorties over Korea. wrote:
> The "dream sim" I have imagined would have at its core a very realistic
> digital orrery as the basic ground within which the rest of the system would
> operate, just as modern flight simulator programs have come to have
> increasingly realistic aerodynamics simulations at their core.

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