Re: GUNS: Misrepresentation of previous messages

From: Michael Lorrey (
Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 07:16:11 MST

Harvey Newstrom wrote:
> At 12:41pm -0500 2/24/01, Michael Lorrey wrote:
> >You stop it Harvey, stop lying like joe does, and stop claiming that I
> >introduced the subject, since I didn't introduce the subject of duelling
> >either.
> I apologize if my defense of Joe sounded like I was accusing Mike.
> That was not my intent, but I agree that my words sounded like an
> accusation against Mike. I wish I had been more clear. I was merely
> trying to prove that Joe did not start the thread by showing Mike's
> previous post. I did not mean to therefore pin the blame on Mike. I
> would have and should have done much further research into the
> history of the thread before blaming Mike. I do not know that Mike
> was the first poster of the duel thread, and that was not the real
> point of my post.
> In my mind, there should be no blame at all. I therefore stupidly
> missed the obvious connotation of what I said. It was not my intent
> to blame Mike for anything. I do not believe he did anything wrong,
> and he is only involved in this thread because of my ill-chosen
> words. I wish I had been clearer in defending all participants in
> the thread, and not just the first victim of the blame-game.

As my first post after getting back to work from a super-flu, I'd like
to accept Harvey's apology, and I appreciate his thoroughness as well.
If, as I catch up on my email I see a similar one from Joe, I will
similarly accept it as well.

> No offense has been committed here. The g-word is not a banned
> topic. It can and has been discussed rationally on this list.
> Anyone is free to mention it in passing or discuss extropian issues
> that might include guns. If it develops into a flame war, it is the
> fault of the participants who are fighting. We cannot blame an
> entire thread one one person or one side of an argument. It takes
> two sides to have a war. The whole search for blame is unnecessary
> and unfair to all people accused. The blame-game itself becomes a
> witch-hunt where no original offense occurred.

Thank you Harvey. I try to make an effort to not initiate any gun
commentary, preferring to direct those to exi-freedom and save my posts
here for other subjects, however I have had to deal with the extensive
accusations and misrepresentations of Joe about myself, others here, and
various gun topics/facts, and his continued claims that this topic is
not welcome on the Extropians list, IMHO shouldn't go unanswered lest he
redefine the list be Goebellian means. If he has since recanted his
position on that matter in the interim, I accept his apologies in

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