PLUG: Teleworkers - expressions of interest invited.

From: Emlyn (
Date: Wed Mar 07 2001 - 23:47:14 MST

Warning in advance... this is purely a plug for Wizards of AU.


I'm writing to let list members know that I am currently looking for Australian IT professionals interested in pure teleworking, in my role as managing director of Wizards of AU.

I'm looking for experienced, qualified people, who can self-manage successfully, who can provide their own office facilities, and who are interested in working in a pure teleworking mode - check our site for some more information about pure teleworking.

We are currently beginning to talk with a number of companies about the possibilities of hiring Australians. To help demonstrate the possibilities, we find it very useful to show them the kinds of people who want to work in this fashion.

Someone asked me recently if "this teleworking stuff" is like network marketing or telemarketing or some such thing. No no no! It's exactly like normal IT work, except that you do it from afar.

Contact me if... - you are keen to telework - you are demonstrably a skilled professional in your areas of expertise - you are Australian (actually, I'm interested in talking to US based contractors too) - you don't need a job tomorrow (we are still in early stages)


Mr Emlyn O'Regan - Managing Director Wizards of AU "Australian IT Wizards - US Technology Leaders Pure International Teleworking in the Global Economy"

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