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Date: Thu Mar 08 2001 - 06:18:41 MST

Altair's Nano Materials Plant Operational

CODY, Wyo., March 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Altair International Inc. (Nasdaq: <A
HREF="aol://4785:ALTI">ALTI</A>) today announced that its wholly owned
subsidiary, Altair Technologies, Inc. ( has placed
in operation its integrated pilot scale process unit capable of producing
kilogram per day quantities of nanoparticles. When Altair announced
commencement of construction of the plant we indicated that it was designed
to produce a wide variety of nanomaterials in sample quantities, without
interrupting the commercial facilities. In response to recent market demand
for alternative energy devices, initial runs successfully produced lithium
titanate for advanced energy storage devices and zirconium dioxide for fuel

"This plant is a key component of Altair's plan and I am delighted that it is
operating so successfully," said Mr. Ken Lyon, president of Altair
Technologies. "This will allow us to produce quality nanomaterials for many
developing markets including catalysts, cosmetics, paints, hard-coatings,
fuel cells, energy storage devices, computers, semi-conductors,
telecommunications and environmental remediation. Altair Technologies is
focusing its product development activities on alternative energy and
high-tech markets."

Altair International owns a proprietary technology for making nanocrystalline
materials of unique quality, economically in large quantities. The company is
currently developing special nanomaterials with potential applications in
fuel cells, hard coatings, catalysts, cosmetics, paints, energy storage
devices, semi-conductors, telecommunications and environmental remediation.
The technology may also be used to make paint pigment at a cost forecast to
be substantially lower than commercial technologies employed today. Altair
holds mineral leases on a world class titanium mineral sand deposit in
Tennessee and is in the process of constructing a pilot plant at that site.
The company's other principle asset is the Altair Centrifugal Jig, an
environmentally friendly breakthrough technology for mining, coal treatment
and environmental remediation.

This press release may be deemed to contain certain forward-looking
statements with respect to Altair that are subject to risks and uncertainties
that include, but are not limited to, Altair's ability to obtain necessary
capital, performance and reliability of technology, market acceptance of
products using Altair technology, variance in anticipated production costs
and unanticipated effects of regulatory requirements related to the
technology, as well as those identified in the Company's press releases or
discussed from time to time in the Company's Securities and Exchange
Commission filings. Actual results may vary materially.

For further information, please contact: William P. Long, President of
Altair International Inc., 307-587-8245; or Paul Savageau of Savageau &
Associates, 303-756-8045.

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SOURCE Altair International Inc.

CO: Altair International Inc.; Altair Technologies, Inc.

ST: Wyoming, Tennessee



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