Re: Mercury Risk?

From: Christopher Piersol (
Date: Wed Mar 07 2001 - 09:46:10 MST

--- Spike Jones <> wrote:

> If the OSHA limit is 0.1 mg per m^3 and our fillings
> contributed even half of that, or .05 mg/m^3, then
> they
> would be evaporating at 0.1 mg per hour. Even if we
> ignore the fact that amalgam is a mixture of metals
> {thus
> the name} and assume them pure mercury, 0.1
> milligrams
> per hour is about 2.4 milligram per day is about 900
> milligrams per year.

Your calculation is making too many assumptions here.
The concentration of mercury would have reached
equilibrium in the mouth, and not be flushed out by
breathing. Most breathing passes through the nose,
bipassing the mouth directly to the lungs. This is
the premise of your following calculations (and it's a
big one!). A study reported the simple fact of the
forementioned concentration levels. To be really
scientific, of course, there should be more studies,
not half-hearted calculations.


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