Re: power line risk corroborated

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Tue Mar 06 2001 - 07:28:50 MST

From: Damien Broderick <>

>Of course, and one must suppose that Doll and his cluey colleagues
>have noticed this obvious fact. What's more, living a few blocks
>away from power lines *also* corresponds with bigger cities, more
>pollution, utility companies nearby, etc., but not with
>[marginally] elevated disease incidence. The detail I found
>striking is that the incidence apparently only rises *downwind* of
>the lines, suggesting airborne contaminants. General airborne
>industrial crap? Again, if that were so you'd expect to find it
>across the whole neighborhood, neh?

The oddest part about this is that the people who are the most
concerned are the same ones running around with magnets in their

I don't know if Australia is suffering the same silliness, but
currently "biomagnetics" is all the rage here.

Otherwise sane people are putting magnets just about anywhere,
shoes are especially popular, to take advantage of their supposed
"healing" properties.

Stay tuned for the second coming of Mesmer....


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