an interview with a life extensionist in the Anchorage Daily News

From: John M Grigg (
Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 20:14:34 MST

In a recent edition of the Anchorage Daily News there was a feature article in the lifestyles section about an ardent life extensionist who lives here. He is sixty-two but looks more to be in his mid-fifties at the oldest. He is a successful small business owner who spends over $1,100 a month on a combination of vitamin and hormonal supplements. He is enrolled in a life extension program with Cenegenics, out of Las Vegas. The least expensive monthly supplementation program at Cenegenics is $175.

His personal doctor was interviewed and said that he too had been to the Cenegenics clinic. But, even though he thought they were reputable, that these methods were somewhat unproven and a life of regular exercise, healthy diet and moderate supplementation could still get you to be a healthy eighty or ninety year-old.

The small business owner is on the zone diet plan coupled with calorie restriction. He only takes in 1,100 calories a day. He injects himself with human growth hormone six days a week. And once a week does an injection of testosterone. The author of the article explained that some doctors worry that hormonal supplementation can sometimes increase the chances of cancer.

The article closed with one of the people interviewed saying, "what's health worth?, what is it worth to feel good?"

I thought it was a generally balanced and favorable article. As the article pointed out, as the baby boom generation ages more and more people will be seeking out clinics such as Cenegenics.

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