Re: Anti-extropianism in the new Star Trek

Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 09:27:31 MST

Jeff writes:
> Slashdot posted an announcement about the new Star Trek series. When I
> went to the site:

Other Trek sites are suggesting that the proposed character outline may
be a hoax. writes:
   However, doing something in the past would be counter-productive
   to what the Star Trek franchise is trying to achieve. It would be
   difficult to give this crew in the 22nd century the 1960s phasers,
   having the 1960s computer talking, and putting flashing lights and
   switches everywhere.

I think this would be a good point: giving them decent-looking
technology (i.e. something more advanced than what we have today) would
be anachronistic, but sticking with what was shown in the 60s series
would look unbelievably hokey today.

So hopefully this is just the product of someone's imagination. However I
agree that it is unfortunate that whoever created it thought that making
the villain be interested in genetic engineering made sense. Of course
even back with the Khan character, one of his villainous traits was that
he was a genetic superman.


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