Re: Hal on Science versus Religion

Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 07:33:17 MST

In a message dated 3/5/01 5:57:53 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:> Still, I don't argue with people about
religion, especially people who are> older than their early 20s for the most
part because those people are> settled and it takes to much time and effort
to convince them to change. Go for the young!>

    If you will take a look at Clarence Graham's hierarchy of needs you will
find that the motivation toward religion changes substantially as our
position on the hierarchy changes.
    Most of the time the critics of religion concentrate only on very firm
fundamentalist churchs regardless of which major faith they are looking at.
This ignores the fact there are people in all major religions whose
motivational needs are quite different from those attracted to the
fundamentalists and whose religious practice is quite different.
Ron h

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