Re: Hal on Science versus Religion

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Sun Mar 04 2001 - 23:48:03 MST

At 03:52 PM 4/03/01 -0500, Eliezer wrote:

>The correct answer to "Is there a conflict between religion and science?"
>is "Is there a conflict between religion and truth?" "Science" is
>essentially a distracting side issue that makes a nice target for

Latest report: Gordian knot still uncut, pictures at 11.

`Truth' is not self-evidently isomorphic with `science' or even `the
products of science'. (Perhaps this is Eliezer's point.) There might be
certain kinds of truths, even the most important, which are inaccessible to
scientific approaches, let alone to falsification tests. Attempting to
depass this sad fact by shifting the contrast to religion vs. truth
simpliciter leads to evasion and equivocation, IMHO.

Damien Broderick
[no fan of religion either]

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