Re: Giving cryo talk to Jewish high school

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Mar 04 2001 - 15:45:23 MST

> Spike Jones wrote: With a mere few thousand bucks reward available to the
> otherwise lackadaisical personnel, the attitude would then be:
> Drop everything, get with the program!
> "Eliezer S. Yudkowsky" wrote: Just tack on an extra 5K of life insurance to
> the policy you're using to fund the suspension, and use the extra money to
> pay off the paramedics.

Sure but let me get more to the point: send some kind of
advance warning to the parameds so they know what they
are facing. Heres an extension of the idea:

Over the next several years, the proletariat will begin to
warm to the notion of cryonics, at which time there will be
mountains of funds coming available to support businesses
that are designed to facilitate rescue of freezer geezers.
When we get a few thousand signers-up in an area of
say 20 km, I can imagine an emergency technician who
sits with a motorcycle standing by, idle most days,
perhaps with an electric device keeping the engine warm
around the clock. Upon getting an emergency
call, this motorcycle automatically starts up. Within 3 seconds,
the specially trained paramed has her GPS equipped helmet
on her head and has mounted the already warm bike and
is snapping it into gear, without yet actually knowing where
she is going, but the helmet-mounted speakers tell her which
way to turn. On the bike is the essential equipment to
begin a cryosuspension.

Those who drive State Road 237 in the south bay of
Taxifornia know exactly what I am talking about when
I say there are many cases when emergency vehicles
cannot make headway much faster than the rest of
the crawling traffic. The road is clogged with head-
banging 20-something dot com CEOs, jamming
on their tunes in their humvees, and simply dont hear
the sirens. And even if they do, they often *cannot* yield,
not because of selfishness, but because there is simply
no place to go. We have seen this. But a motorcycle with
a skilled rider could kite past the traffic in that meter-wide
space between the left lane traffic and the divider wall.

Would not motor-medics be a wonderful career option
for the adredaline junky crowd? To tear thru traffic with
gleeful abandon without fear of legal repercussion? Could
we not save some patients who might otherwise perish,
such as the heart attack lady from Seattle? Could we not
save many brain cells that would otherwise be lost? spike

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