Re: Giving cryo talk to Jewish high school

Date: Sun Mar 04 2001 - 14:21:03 MST

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<< I had a long talk with a couple friends last night, husband is an
 emergency room doctor, wife is an emergency room nurse. We
 discussed cryonics, organ donations, etc, and I came away with
 the notion that one of the biggest challenges facing the cryonaut
 is the fact that the overwhelming majority of the personnel most
 likely to handle my cooling corpse either do not believe in cryonics
 or oppose it philosophically. >>
So how many mammals have recovered fully from technology induced torpor, I
speak not merely of hibernation, but suspended animation? Don't you think
that if studies by human volunteers did yield dramatic, results, in freexing
and revival, people would flock to support cryo-suspension for people with
life-threatening illnesses? We don't gots that yet as they say on Jerry
Springer, all we have is some frozen heads and a few bodies that have been
cooled down

As far as the original post, by Philosopher Max More, (an excellent one) all
I see since then is a kind of disappointment, that a religious school
students and staff, might be rather, supportive of hopeful technologies that
Extropianism endorses, rather then demonize those technologies. Which
indicates to me that many of the good members of this mailing list are too
busy looking for (religious) strawmen to battle with, in order to put the
final nail in God's coffin. A waste of energy to be sure.

Is anyone saying that he shouldn't have wasted his time at the school, or
that it is unimportant, or not worthwhile?

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