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From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Mar 04 2001 - 13:49:09 MST

Rabble Rouser wrote:

> Any more questions?

Of course we all are saddened to hear of the passing
of any person, however I am unsure a heart attack
victim should be counted as caused by the disaster,
since the deceased could have perished that day

Rabble Rouser? Could it be? Is it Bob Reuben, the
computer wearing ultraorthodox Jew with an affinity
for expensive sports-oriented footware, who unlike
his lackadaisical namesakes, takes such an intense
interest in leading the congregation away from
tradition that he has been compared to an animal
with a contagious infection? Is this indeed
Rabid Reeboked Robbi Robert Reuben?

Or perhaps I have confused him with one of his namesakes,
such as the astronaut Robert Reuben, who was in a most
unfortunate training accident which mangled three of his
limbs. The doctors commented, "We can rebuild this
man, we have the technology." They replaced the injured
body parts with bionic equivalents, but the near death
experience actually caused a personality change, for
before he was rather quiet and subdued, but afterwards
he was a very lively and talkative person. One of his
nurses was a born-again Christian, and managed to
convert him from his Orthodox Judaism. Afterwards
his former fellow-synagogue attendees referred to him as
Rambling Rebuilt Rambunctious Reborn Robert Reuben.

Or not. Hey, Rabble Rouser restarted it; I was just going
to drop the matter. Or take it to exifreedom. Then I thought better
of it, for as soon as I did, someone would start calling that list
puns-n-guns. spike

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