Re: SETI@Home

From: Ken Clements (
Date: Sun Mar 04 2001 - 12:07:54 MST wrote:

> In case you remember, SETI@home was not exactly born with a silver spoon
> in its mouth, competence-wise.

Eugene, isn't that a bit harsh? Please remember that they were born with almost
no money in their mouths. They do not consider their mission to be the design and
construction of the world's most reliable distributed computing system. They just
want to process their data, and have found a cheep way to do so through the
volunteers. They got up to a GB a day before the crash, which is nothing to look
down your nose at.

The sys admin for SETI is a friend of mine, and I had a chance to ask him about
the situation yesterday. He told me that thieves went after about $10k of copper
cables, and in the process of ripping them off, messed up the fiber that SETI
uses. He would agree with you, in that they do not have what they would like to
have by way of true distribution. He said that they are all quite concerned about
what is going to happen when they try to turn the system back on, and those couple
of million clients try to log in at once.


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