FW: wordplay alert: shall i take this over to exifreedom?

From: Jones, Spike (spike.jones@lmco.com)
Date: Thu Mar 01 2001 - 16:54:54 MST

> And what if that person with the wearable Torah
> were named Bob Reuben. {{8^D spike
This being a large congregation, there are a number
of quasi-rabbinical computer-wearing Bob Reubens,
but our particular one is thin because he is a
practitioner of caloric restriction, and is therefore
quite healthy as opposed to several of his namesakes
who are just sickly skinny, and furthermore, our hero
indulges in occasional off color humor. During a
theological debate, the moderator asked one
participant: Have you any rebuttal for ribald robust
Robert "Ribby Rebel Roborabbi Rabblerouser" Reuben?


Perhaps exifreedom wont even allow this? Hell, exifreedom
is begging the supreme court to overturn the first amendment
just to get this stopped. spike

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