wordplay alert: carrying the gag way too far

From: Jones, Spike (spike.jones@lmco.com)
Date: Thu Mar 01 2001 - 15:52:51 MST

> If a person showed up at synagogue with a wearable
> computer that contained all the complicated laws
> of Judaism...
And what if that person with the wearable Torah
were named Bob Reuben, and hes thinner than...me,
so that his bones are prominent, but there are
several other Bob Reubens in the congregation?
Not wanting to be confused with the others, he
might write out his full name along with all the aliases
by which he has been known, so his sig would be
Robert "Ribby Rebel Roborabbi Rabblerouser" Reuben.

  {{8^D spike

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