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From: Jones, Spike (spike.jones@lmco.com)
Date: Thu Mar 01 2001 - 14:47:35 MST

The ultraorthodox have been known to wear leather
pouches on the head and chest filled with scripture
so that god's word would be close to the mind and
heart. Eliezer, what are those called?

A wearable computer with the torah on the hard
disc would certainly accomplish the same thing,
and do it better, altho I am not sure it fulfils the
traditional aspect of the gesture.

If a person showed up at synagogue with a wearable
computer that contained all the complicated laws
of Judaism, callable on voice command, making
the wearer in a sense equal to or greater than the
rabbi, and then that lay person were to use that
computer in such a way as to resist the traditional
teachings, and then were to encourage the rest of the
congregation to do likewise, would that person be a
rebel roborabbi rabblerouser?

{8^D spike

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