Fedorov reference - Re: JD Bernal

From: Russell Whitaker (russ_whitaker@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Mar 01 2001 - 10:23:49 MST

Nikolai Fedorov. I remember that Mike Perry,
a few years back, had written a long article
about him for *Cryonics* magazine, before
Alcor's web presence. I found a cryonet post
of Mike's which mentions Fedorov:


According to this gallery, Fedorov existed

A couple of other leads:

And this gem, fulltext of a Fedorov story:
Entitled "One Evening in the Year 2217", it's
listed as having been written in 1906, which
conflicts with the death date listed on the
Russian lithograph site above.

I'm copying Mike Perry (mike@alcor.org), who I'm sure
can help.


--- Max More <max@maxmore.com> wrote:
> At 05:55 PM 2/28/01, Max wrote:
> >At 11:52 AM 28/02/01 -0800, Max More wrote:
> >
> > >also the Russian philosopher whose name refuses
> to surface at the moment
> > >who advocated physical immortality in the late
> 19th century.
> >
> >Perhaps Alexander Bogdanov. Another marxist whose
> name starts with A.
> >
> >But I think it's someone else, actually, whose
> name, damn it, refuses to
> >surface... (even after a flip through THE
> It just surfaced -- Fedorov. (I think that's right,
> but I have to run out
> now so will check spelling and details later.)
> Max

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