Re: EXTROPIAN ALERT! Another warning for us to organize

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Thu Mar 01 2001 - 07:58:38 MST

From: Charlie Stross <>

>And here's another thought: we need critics.

>It is generally a bad idea for new technologies to be adopted in
>a spirit of uncritical optimism, without anyone keeping a weather
>eye open for hazards and problems. I know these campaigners are
>anti-everything, and for that matter probably *too* critical to
>serve as useful critics, but I get worried sometimes when, reading
>this list, I see nothing but optimism about the future. It makes
>me wonder if we haven't failed to spot something bad.

I think you make a good point here.

Not all of us agree on every issue either. For example take
biotech, I think things like micronutrient rice are a great idea,
but I oppose the notion of things like Roundup-pretty-much-

I don't see creating genetically engineering plants so that
companies can make a lot of money selling herbicides as any kind of
advancement, except in the profit margin of these companies.

I don't want anything on my heirloom Brandywine tomatos except a
little kosher salt.


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