Re: Waco FLIR Update

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 16:30:55 MDT

> I've come to the sobering conclusion, that ALL of the flashes in
> question on the 1993 Waco FLIR can be shown to be or to
> most-probably be solar reflections, contradicting both my
> previously stated position and the conclusions of infrared
> experts that the gunshot theory has rested on. ...
> I'd like to congratulate Ian on his willingness to accept
> the implications of evidence, even if they go against his first
> impressions. I accept Ian's judgement and conclude that
> we don't have evidence of gunshots at Waco.

I too initially assumed these particular IR flashes were gunfire,
and I can accept now that they probably aren't. But let's not let
that small fact detract from the larger issue of abuse of power.

The issue of the use of sidearms from the helicopter is still open,
as is the issue of who fired first on the initial ATF insertion (there
will likely never be good evidence of that, as attested by the acquittal
of the Davidians accused). And of course all the other actions of the
federal agents that still may constitute the mass murder of 80 innocent
civillians, and still demands investigation.

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