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Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 17:12:03 MDT

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> It is not that hard to believe that the Oracle could be an AI. Remember
> that these AIs had complete access to the minds of Neo, Trinity, etc.
> while they were in the Matrix growing up. The good AI could have built up
> a "copy" of their minds (think uploading via training neural nets that
> are hooked directly into your experiences) that it uses to run simulations
> of what their near term actions will be.

    There is a far simpler explaination for the Oracles ability. What if the
simulation had already been run before. The out come of all events would
already be know by the matrix and therefor accessable by an extrernal hacker.
Unfortunately the only way this theory holds water is if the escape from the
matrix was also part of the simulation. If not then the Oracle couldn't
accurately predict Neo's actions in the *real world*.
    We know that the matrix created the simulation of a distant past for the
humans to live/interact in so it stands to reason that it had the power to
set back the clock and start it again. It must have had the ability to wipe
the memories of the humans, if not there would have been people in the matrix
with memories of the outside world which they would without a doubt have
talked about. Even if enough time had passed that these people had died.
There would still be some record of it. Probably as legends and myths.


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