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From: Ian Goddard (
Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 00:08:09 MDT


   The Vector Data Systems report made no effort to explain
   how multiple rapid flashes several times per second could
   occur in fixed locations on the ground as seen in the 1993
   Waco FLIR tape, which multiple experts say are gunshots.
   Recently I proposed this rapid-flash reflection machine
   as a non-gunshot causal theory for those rapid flashes:

   That reflection machine rapidly vibrates a 1 by 3 foot
   reflective panel up and down several times per second,
   simulating key flash sequences on the 1993 Waco FLIR. It
   isn't likely that such a machine rested next to Mt Carmel!

   Shortly after proposing that reflective machine I realized
   a far more probable causal hypothesis for the rapid flashes:
   the reflective panel isn't being vibrated by a machine, but
   by the free gale-force winds blowing through the scene that
   day, and thus the panel is flapping like a flag in the wind.
   Hypothetical scenario: an infrared-reflecting surface like
   mylar is attached to a board and a loose edge is flapping
   in the wind with a cyclic "flap rate" identical to the
   cyclic rate of key flashes on the Waco FLIR. The flapping
   reflective surface produces a rapid series of flashes in
   one fixed location as seen by the FLIR camera, resolving
   the rapid-flash problem without a machine or a machinegun.

   My plan was to acquire mylar and staple a segment edge to
   a board with a strong fan on it and see if I might be able
   to film it causing rapid flashes of visible light (and thus
   presumably also of IR radiation). However, that's no longer
   necessary: I just acquired the best version of the 1993 Waco
   FLIR I've ever seen, it's dramatically better than the copy
   I've had. To my complete astonishment, on the better copy a
   flapping panel about 1 by 3 feet attached to a fallen-down
   portion of gym wall is visible IN THE EXACT LOCATION THAT
   That flash series is emphasized by Dr. Edward Allard in both
   "Waco: The Rules of Engagement" and "Waco: A New Revelation."

   This flapping panel in the same location as those key
   flashes also produces flashes at other times during the
   hour before the fire. So it's clear to me that there's a
   flapping panel attached to a fallen board that creates an
   illusion of machinegun-fire as its moving surface causes
   a beam of reflected infrared energy to pass repeatedly
   over the FLIR sensor, just like the panel on the reflection
   machine I proposed ,
   except the panel next to Mt Carmel was powered by the wind.

   The existence of this flapping panel, or perhaps a segment
   of mylar, is not mentioned in the Vector Data report, which
   made no effort to explain the critical factor of the rapid,
   machinegun-like nature of the flashes on the 1993 Waco FLIR.

   I've come to the sobering conclusion, after analysis of
   (1) a newly-acquired 1993 Waco FLIR video, (2) gunshots
   seen in the Somalia FLIR shown on "Waco: A New Revelation"
   and (3) the Vector Data Report, that ALL of the flashes in
   question on the 1993 Waco FLIR can be shown to be or to
   most-probably be solar reflections, contradicting both my
   previously stated position and the conclusions of infrared
   experts that the gunshot theory has rested on. I'll shortly
   publish an illustrated webpage explaining this conclusion,
   which is supported in large by facts not covered in the
   Vector Data report, and thus shall not be repetitive, and
   shall address key FLIR issues of concern to Waco watchers.

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