Re: Fw: Will Florida Outlaw Naturopathy?

From: Patrick Crumhorn (
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 21:14:08 MDT

Lee Daniel Crocker writes:

>Every careful double-blind study I am aware of for using accupuncture
>to treat various other ailments has found it no better than placebo
>(placebos are quite powerful on some things like pain). I am not
>aware of any such study on using it for weight loss or for smoking
>cessation, both of which I've seen advertised. Those sellers haven't
>seen any such study either, and that's what makes their actions fraud.

      I don't know if this counts for anything, but HMOs in Texas were
covering (at 100%
coverage) acupuncture treatments for stopping smoking, at least a few years
The wily accountants at the insurance companies, at least, were convinced that
the long-term results gained via the treatments were worth the initial
outlay for
their HMO clients who smoked. I suggest that there must be some studies
that convinced them of the economic validity of subsidizing acupuncture for

      I realize this doesn't address your primary concern about whether any
advertiser of treatments is committing fraud, but wanted to share this tiny
about acupuncture & smoking.

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